FireDragon Folding Cooker - Windbreaker

2,65 €

Folding Cooker with Windbreaker.

Super compact, Super Light and Self-contained!

This Folding Stove is supersmall when you fold it and you can carry everything you need to heat your food inside it.

Redesigned for better performance. Includes windbreaker!

Especially designed to use with the FireDragon Green & Clean Fuel.

FireDragon is a lightweight, environmentally friendly and waterproof solid fuel.

Ideal for nature  lovers, mountaineers or even for military, it can be used to light fires, cook or boil water whatever the weather conditions.

This solid fuel is quick and easy to ignite even wet state; It is not toxic and does not produce bad odors when burned.

FireDragon helps you to save time and money and is the ideal companion whatever your goal in nature.

You can carry everything you need to heat your food or boil water to make it drinkable in any small pocket!

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